One click to take control of your ads

What is AdPlus?

AdPlus is a brand new add-on for your browser that supports and optimises your web browsing so you see better, fewer ads. And it's completely free.

Our breakthrough ad controller eradicates the ads you don't want while boosting the good ads. The result: a healthier, more enjoyable browsing experience that's personalised for your lifestyle. So much healthier than an ad blocker!

Protects your information

You're in control and choose exactly how much or how little you want to share with advertisers. AdPlus protects the information you want to keep to yourself.

Boosts good ads, gets rid of nasty ones

Some ads just put themselves about without a care who sees or clicks them. AdPlus gives you control back so you see only relevant, high-quality ads from advertisers who want a healthier relationship with you.

Protects you from brands you dislike

You are not a market for a brand to target: you're an individual. AdPlus's breakthrough ad controller protects you from brands you don't like with a single click.

Cleans up Facebook and Google

AdPlus cleans up your web. Less clutter on your screen means more time to use a cleaner web the way you
want to.

Your data, your privacy: our policy

AdPlus is great at boosting your web so you see better, fewer ads. It's even greater when it works with you to get your personal view of the web.

To do that, AdPlus collects and stores information about you and the way you use the web. You choose what information you want to share with us. We guarantee that we won't share your information for marketing purposes unless you agree to it.

We want you to be clear about how AdPlus uses your data, so we've worked really hard at writing a clear privacy policy. If there's something you're still not clear on, get in touch.

Read the full privacy policy

Need help?

You can get in touch with your feedback and questions by using the Support button on the left. It's worth checking the FAQs first to see if your question's already answered. The top three FAQs are below.

Why should I install AdPlus?

AdPlus is free and completely under your control. You can easily uninstall AdPlus whenever you like but we’re confident that once you try it you’ll enjoy how it optimises your web browsing. Read full answer...

How do I know AdPlus is working?

You’ll know AdPlus is working if you see a green AdPlus icon in somewhere to the top right of your browser window. Read full answer...

Do I have to create an AdPlus account?

You can use your existing Facebook or Google account to use AdPlus, so there’s no need to create a new account. Read full answer...